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Hi there,

here is the new music video we shot for Soulfight with some friends and other people acting in. 

Enjoy & share if you like it!



Soulfight - Home 
Discover Soulfight’s new EP ‘The Journey Backwards’
Directed by Julien Kollert and Fabien Cimetière
Shot by Nicolas Picard, Julien Kollert and Fabien Cimetière
Written and designed by Julien Kollert
© Soulfight 2011
Thanks to : Corinne, Yann, Lise, Esteban, Véronica, Jean-Luc, Sabrina, Noélie, Manon, Thomas, Aurélie, Fred (L) and Fred (T) and of course Louis
Extra thanks to : Yann @ SpinMeUp, ViaStoria, Grand March and Kings Love Jacks

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